Why “Horn Cotton Tales”

Well this blog is simply going to be a running storyline about a child and her journey in this life as seen through her parents eyes.  So “Horn” and “Tales” – done.  As for “Cotton”, that’s a much harder topic for me to write about.  My father, Lee Horn, Sr., who lost his battle to cancer July 5, 2014, was a cotton man.  I asked my beautiful wife, Jessica, about keeping his company name in some way.  As we discussed back and forth different site names, she suggested Horn Cotton Tales.  To me, it’s a touching tribute of the circle of life.

On Father’s Day 2014, I told my Dad that he was going to be a grandfather to our child, Emerson Kate.  On Father’s Day 2014, he told me he had maybe 6 months to live, which put their paths to likely cross for a short time.  At least, that’s what I prayed for.

My father didn’t make it to see his granddaughter born, but there won’t be a spec of him missing in her life.  As my father taught me, so shall I teach my daughter.  He visits me in dreams, I have his voicemails saved, he watches over all three of us (and our two devil cats) from Heaven, and, of course, his advice both good and bad lives inside me.

So this blog is our tribute to the circle of life, to our daughter coming January 30, 2015 God-willing, and to all those who love us for the family life we’re creating together.

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