20 Years & 18 Weeks Before Emerson Gets to Read This Post

Another weekend in the books.  Well, not technically, but we have 18 weeks before we meet Ms. Emerson.  Yes, I’ve converted to the Louisiana colloquialisms of saying a title and then a first name instead of a last, like I was raised.  Sue me.

But really the weekend is still in the works; I’m just counting down weeks either ending or starting on Fridays because of this What to Expect App on Jess’s phone.

Anyhow, we left our lovely home in Dallas and took the 3.5 jaunt to Grand Cane, LA to see Jess’s parents on Thursday night after work.  Our mission was secret.  Clandestine lunches in Bossier City.  Danger at Silver Star Smokehouse.

The weekend was great.  As it always seems to be when around family.  But my biggest complaint was two-fold.  One, we never got a delicious daiquiri from the convenient stores like only LA can provide.  Two, we never picked up a 12 pack of Bud Light for Mr. Moore.  What kind of son-in-law am I?  Seriously.  I’m surprised Ronny hasn’t hurt me yet.

We left Saturday morning after a lovely breakfast prepared by my wonderful wife and her mother, Charlene.  Off to Dallas.  And on our way, I picked up some local brews from the only craft brewery in Shreveport, LA. It’s called Great Raft Brewing Co. and I bought two sixers being the Southern Drawl and the Commotion APA.


So the first thing you’ll probably notice is all the fall decor instead of the cans of beer.  As penance for my purchases, I was forced to stop the Enclave in Canton, TX, a mere 50 miles from our domicile.  There, the fine salespeople of Paul Michael Co. sold us a plethora of fall festive foam leaves and other such items.  I think there are now 5 decorative pumpkins and a duck, which I’m kind of partial too, if I’m to be honest.

Oh the beer.  So Commotion APA is like a light IPA, as by definition.  I enjoy.  The Southern Drawl is like a light Heineken, which is just odd but drinkable.  I’m a hoppy kind of guy, so I’ll always go with the IPA.

The Fleeg and The Stace are inbound and thusly I’m outbound to not dress exactly like him for once.  Stampede 66 for dinner in about an hour.  Have an enjoyable evening as well.

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