Pre-Church Meal: Love Goes First


This morning we actually woke up on time, no thanks to Georgia and Millie for waking us up at 3, 4 and 5 AM just in case.  “On time” means “treat time” to me.  So we ventured over to Village Baking Co. on University by US-75 as we used to do when we attended a different church with the same moniker.  Nowadays, we are Munger Place returning visitors.  Jess and I haven’t taken the plunge into full-blown membership quite yet, but that’s coming.

Today, as we sat in the church parking lot stuffing faces with delicious pastries such as the one pictured above known as the plain (though it’s anything but) something or other in French, we didn’t know what the third part of the Come Home series at church was going to be.  It was all about putting fears aside and love going first.

Jess and I have been reading a verse a night from the Good Book over dinner, attending church on Sundays, and really starting our home down a path that will, God-willing, put Emerson in a place to know God before we both did in our individual lives.  Jess is much better at all of this than I am as she’s in a regular Bible study on Mondays too, but as a man, I’m supposed to be the leader of the family.  A  challenge to come, but one I’m willing to fight for.

Something important I would say to Emerson today if I knew she could hear me – Love God first.  Love yourself and then love your family.  Those dominoes should always fall in that order.  Always be true to yourself and love who you are even if that’s a little different.

Also, go clean your room.

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