White Rock Farmers Market


Son of a Butcher hot dog at the White Rock Farmers Market.

I woke up on Saturday morning realizing I’d spent Thursday night watching my Red Raiders get destroyed at a friend’s house and then Friday night with some new friends out and about in Uptown.  Clearly, I hadn’t spent enough time with my wife.  Well I wanted to fix that.  I mean she’s like 22 weeks pregnant after all. So I thought about The League and maybe it should be Terrific Lady Day.  We were heading to A Pea in the Pod first and then to Athleta.  Pants are apparently tough on pregnant ladies.

So the plan of the day was to start around 11:30 AM or 12:00 PM and head straight to the store, but the farmer’s market caught our eyes and we had to stop.  Good thing we did.  We ended up with some Thai chilies, a new spice from Chef Milton and a jar of spicy pickles from In a Pickle.  Basically a successful hour and a half and a very good reason I find it hard to want to move to the ‘burbs.

My motivation for getting all of this done early was to get home and watch the LA Tech game against Auburn.  And I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it.  Not that I had great hopes or anything but damn.

The night ended with some episodes of Bones on Netflix Instant and then a bourbon chilled by a giant ice cube.  So I’ll wrap it up like this.  Delicious hot dog, football, bourbon.  Win.

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