Sunday Landscapes

Sundays are typically busy days for the soon-to-be parents called the Horns.  We wake up early to cats in the blinds (sounds like an Always Sunny reference) and eat breakfast before church.   Then we do some churching and start our weekly errands.  Mostly grocery shopping at two different places because we’re in Dallas and that’s just how it goes.  And occasionally we’ll do a little home improving.  This Sunday would be that.  A lot.  Jessica took our sweet garden sheers and got to hacking away at the holly bushes or whatever bush the 60’s houses all seemed to demand.  This picture is what we started with.  Then we made our way to our local nursery, Walton’s Garden Center.  Jess had drawn out the plans, measured the space and had her vision.  I’m the laborer in this story.  You’ll see that as a common theme.


Look at that.  Just an empty landscape waiting for da Vinci’s touch. Come and get me, Lee.  And I did.  Digging up them little sonsawitches isn’t easy.  It takes an axe, a shovel, beer and patience.  Luckily, I had all of those things.  Boom.


Are you seeing the irony of my shirt?  And if you’re curious what victory tastes like… it’s equal parts Sam Adams Rebel IPA, sweat, dirt, blood and awesomeness.  So I keep going.  I think that was the first of the four Medusa heads I extracted from the earth.  Jess helped too, I guess.  Oh and Millie helped…


You’ll see the lawn taking a little shape now with that little plant to the right of Millie.  Don’t ask me what it’s called because I don’t know.  All I know is that I suffered many a mosquito bite trying to pick them out and then digging in the yard.  They’re still everywhere. It’s almost October.  Go away and watch playoff baseball or whatever it is you do, little bloodsuckers.  Anyhow, I was on a mission to finish this yard crash.  Determined to own this curb appeal.  Other clever references to landscaping shows on TV.


And thusly it’s complete.  In total, I think it took us around 3.5 hours.  Enough time to finish and watch the Cowboys game though.  But I was out of beer and energy.  Still though, that’s looking pretty good.  Way to go, wife.  You rock.

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