A Fall Saturday

Was it the day before Tyler’s birthday or just a random Saturday, October 4th?  Well both.  So Jess and I celebrated either way.  We woke up early to head to the pumpkin patch.  Though it was not an actual patch; we live in the city.  Previously, we talked about Walton’s as our preferred nursery, but we prefer Ruibal’s when it comes to buying pumpkins.  Equally as close, Ruibal’s is a really neat place.  They have giant pumpkins, small pumpkins, white pumpkins, green pumpkins, multicolored pumpkins… if you’re getting the reference to a Robert Rodriguez movie, sorry.  I love this time of year.  Particularly because it’s almost Halloween.  But fall is an amazing time of year.  I enjoy it almost as much as Jess.  And there’s an important piece to this pumpkin-themed acquisition.  Color.  We bought these crazy fire-colored plants called crotons.  See two types on the porch.


Now you’re asking yourself… “Wow, that’s a giant pumpkin!  Lee must be really strong!”  You’re correct.  And my back hurts now.  It was really just a punishment for the massive amount of money we spent on buying me four new suits that morning.

But still focus on the overall picture above.  Don’t think about the fine fabric I will be dawning in two weeks.  That’s a heck of a fall outfit on our house, huh?  Well it continues to the kitchen.  We bought a three-tiered hors d’oeuvre stand.  And the second tier is now decorated. DO NOT EAT. Or try, but don’t complain to me.


All this work got us hungry.  After our Son of a Butcher hot dogs, we decided to try to make our own.  I started the grill with a massive amount of lighter fluid. I’m a man.  It’s kind of important.  Well as I’m burning the midday oil, we found our little kittems under the bushes.  Georgia was doing her best Blue Steel look.


Then we found Mille in her lioness pose.  We have such models.


Speaking of a modelesque look… check out this guy. I’ll explain it to you since you can’t see what it’s called. The Ballast Point IPA I’m imbibing in this photo is called a Big Eye.  And now the light bulb above your cranium clicks.


So the day dusked into evening and we were us again.  Just a happy couple enjoying a day together.  Laughing, swatting mosquitos, yelling at orange kitties invading our backyard, and smiling at each other.  Ready for what’s next and thankful for the day as it was.  Nothing more and nothing less. Be thankful for the days, the mornings, the evenings, and every moment in between.  I am.  Oh… so the result.  Yeah, we made some hot dogs.


In retrospect, I’d say they needed to be on a hotdog bun instead of a baguette.  Maybe a little more stoneground mustard and some more spice.  But the day made up for all of it.  A wonderful, beautiful day.

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