A Date for Four: Dracula Untold

When I lived in Lubbock, I always used to take my Sunday afternoons to treat my Mom to a date day.  We’d pick whatever scary movie happened to be out that week and go see it.  It was kind of a Judith and Lee tradition.  The most memorable of the past dates, though, happened to be when there was a third wheel, Zane Perry.  I don’t recall what we were seeing that day.  In fact, the only thing I recall was opening the door to the stairs leading up to the stadium seating for the first time and hearing an audible, “Oh my!” from my Mom in the impending climb up to Mount Ebert.


Well we finally rekindled the tradition on Sunday.  Somehow, I convinced my Mom to get out of the house again (second time that day even!) to go to a movie.  We decided Dracula Untold over Annabelle.  And, as you can see from the stubs above, we had another third wheel who was sneaking in a fourth wheel, our little Emerson.  The excitement of the smell of popcorn, the promise of the movie trailers, the mixed flavored Icee; the movies still have a magical power over me.  Sharing this moment with Jess meant more than she’d ever know.  My plus one on this date was my plus one in life.  Yeah, crazy cheesy statement, but I’d rather say it’s extra buttery.  Movie pun win.

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