Lake House Turns to Snow House

The weather here has been crazy.  I attribute it to my bold statements in the face of God.  Let me explain.

Over two years ago, I met a girl.  Not familiar with it?  Read previous posts.  Anyhow, I meet this girl who is clearly going to change my life.  But I don’t really want her to change me.  And Dallas had become very much a part of me.  Lo and behold, she did change me.  And my bold statement?  My exact quote was, “don’t even ask me to move to Shreveport because I’ll never live there.”  So, in my defense, it was my idea to move here and I’m not totally wrong. But I like to embellish the story at dinner parties and say, “I told her I’ll move to Shreveport when hell freezes over.”

Back to the original paragraph, my bold statement in the face of God.  I’m not sure if there’s a Bible passage that says “never say never” but there should have been.  We’re here.  In Shreveport.  And hell hath frozen over.  Look at this place.


The bridge over Cross Lake has been closed for days and my first week of work has been marred with tardiness in the morning and frustrations galore as Shreveport drivers remind me that I don’t live in Dallas anymore.

Living in Haynie Camp House has been… cold.  Like real cold.  There are windows everywhere to enjoy the summer view except it’s winter.  The central heater works well most of the time.  The pilot light went out on the furnace, but we got that one figured out. I was so handy, I was surprised I didn’t get Tim Allen’s job on Tool Time.  Probably about as accident prone too.  The next thing was the pipe bursting from the freeze. This one proved to show me that I’m not supposed to be a plumber in the next life.  We left to stay at Jess’s grandma’s house and Emerson is getting some quality time with her great grandma Nana.  So my life consists of waking up and driving to the camp house to feed the cats and then off to work to try and make some connections.  Then back to feed the kittens and then over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house I go.

Building a house is not going fast enough, though they’ve cleared the lot and started framing already.  We’re moving along. Maple Grove Avenue, here we come.  In June.

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