Emerson’s First Prank… In My Dream

Emerson, I’m not probably ever going to tell you my dreams in detail.  Don’t be offended by this.  It’s mainly because they’re just bizarre and I won’t want you to ever think your dad is a weirdo.  Well more than you’re going to already think that.  So that being established, I’m going to explain a little bit of my dream last night, because you made me a proud papa.

The premise behind the dream was a friend reunion that we were having on a river or lake.  Your parents were there with 25 other great friends.  Part of my job was to set up a sailboating adventure.  We had you with us and it was my job to carry you to the sailboat launching place. It was a rental on an island so there had to be a way to get to the island to begin with.  In comes the water taxi.  The taxi wasn’t just a regular water taxi, but one that ran under water for the most part.  Probably 3 feet of this vessel enjoyed being waterlogged.  Considering you’re still a baby in this dream, I had to protect you from drowning.  So I held you above water the best I could.  As you’re up to your neck in water, I see a little ripple hit your mouth and you swallow it.  As all parents do, I’m watching your reaction to see if you’re going to start crying or choking or what.  Instead you surprise me.

You take the water in your mouth, purse your lips together like a kiss, and spit the water right into my face.  As though you were a baby fountain, this stream seemed endless compared to the size of your mouth.  And as you started to sputter the water into mist, covering the rest of my face, you drop your head back to the water for a refill.  You get me again, this time with purpose and gusto.  As the last drops leave your tiny mouth, destined for my eyes as I’m still holding you above water, you break out into this wonderful laugh, so proud of yourself.  Clearly taking after your dad.

It was a great dream to hear you laugh.  I still haven’t heard much more than a small chuckle from you in your three months and a week of life.  But I can’t wait to celebrate that first uncontrollable laugh with your mom.  I’m guessing it’ll be when we’re watching AFV.  We’ll see.

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