It’s Fiddly

Shoulder surgery.  Don’t do it.  Ever.  Just look at me.  I’m wearing a fishing shirt and I’m not even fishing. Even with a great surgeon, it’s a beast to get over.

IMG_4310Dr. Haynie comes in and explains to Jess and I that this procedure is going to take a while.  It’s a complicated articular capsule repair that require screws and “fishing line”.  If this were still Texas, I may have had some duct tape thrown in there as well.  As it was, he described the surgery as “fiddly”.

Give me 4 hours or so later, a lady wakes me up with a smile.  I can only tell she’s one of three fuzzy blobs in the room. Not that they were fat. Everyone is a blob when you’re blind.  No glasses and blind-as-a-bat vision really limits these interactions when you wake up.  I try to look in their faces but that’s near impossible because I always look at the eyes or mouths and I can’t focus well enough to do either so I’m sure it looks to them that my eyes are wandering all over.

Anyhow I survived, thankfully. Recovery time starts today and it’ll be 6 weeks in that fashionable sling. Can’t wait.

Update: 7 weeks in. Dr. Haynie’s reputation is impeccable and it’s well deserved. My shoulder isn’t in constant pain anymore. Picking up little Emerson already and starting rehab soon. Albeit a little later than recommended. Thanks, Doc H. You’re the man.

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