Porcellino’s Craft Italian Butcher…. or something, Memphis, TN

Josh Moore is my brother-in-law.  And he’s a fisherman.  Well he’s a master electrician by day and master fisherman by night.  Like a superhero.  Kind of.  Man of few words.  But he has a family that loves and supports him in humble, simple ways.  One of those ways is a vacation that Jess and I just went on.

000166871_original_650x650Josh won a tournament on Toledo Bend Lake or Cross Lake or somewhere and finished in the top 10 in many others to qualify him for the FML All American tournament on Kentucky Lake.  The participants were to be put up in Paris, TN.  Jess and I were well overdue for a vacation, so we thought we’d make it there at our leisure and watch his weigh-ins.  He was gracious enough to invite us to stay with him.

We left Shreveport on a Wednesday morning and took the scenic route.  Through the east side of Louisiana we would go. Furtherest east I’d ever been in a car, I think.  As we crossed the Mighty Mississippi, we just kept seeing cornfield after cornfield.  Not a lot else out in the rural “sticks” of The Magnolia State except another crop that was low to the ground and broad green-leaved.  Assuming that was peas because I’m assuming you can’t grow “delta”.


Anyhow, Jess and I were on our way to Memphis after a map mishap that lead me to believe we could get from Shreveport, LA to Nashville, TN in 5.5 hours.  Try 8.5, Horn.

So we got to Memphis and used our trusty Trip Advisor account to let us know where to eat that night.  TA never lets you down.  Fact.  So we look at the best restaurants on the east side of Memphis and realize we should try something by the two chefs, Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman. They own 3 restaurants on one block.  We book the TA best which was number 5 after 2 of the best-rated places were Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.  It’s called Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen.  But as we’re walking down the quaint block its on, Jess notices a place called Porcellino’s.  We come to find out, it’s owned by the same guys.

I can’t tell you how good this place was.  Read my review, I guess.


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