Six Months: A Half Birthday


There are a lot of “halves” in this world.  Half windsors, half in the bag, half of my heart, half and half, half staff, half dollars, half full, half empty, half hours, half life, half Christmas (June 25th, if you’re wondering), half baked, half nelsons, and half marathons.  There are a lot of “halves”.

So today we celebrate your half birthday.  You’re 6 months old and so full of joy.  Full of life, full of smiles, full of giggles, full of so many things for such a half birthday.  And your parents are full of love.


You may not sleep when we want you to.  You may not keep your hands to yourself (you bent my glasses this morning).  You may not do a lot of things we want you to do, but we can honestly say you may have won over our hearts.

If you’re reading this post and wondering what you do or don’t do at 6 months, we’ll recap it for you.

You sit up by yourself.

You stand up with a helping hand.

You giggle when you’re tickled.

You have two teeth.

You eat like a champ.

You are a little fussy at times, but you’re a happy baby.

You love mornings.

You have eyelashes, and I quote, “that a teenager would die for.”

You have a bunch of toys but you’d rather play with the remote to the sound bar.

You love the Millie cat, but you pull her fur instead of petting her.

You talk to us all the time even though you just say “dah dah dah dah” a lot.

Your scream, which isn’t anything you’re upset about, could probably break fine glass.

You drool like you are trying to create a pool to swim in.

You laugh at funny facial expressions, when your thighs are squeezed, and when people make a lot of outrageous movements.

You love your parents and strangers alike.

You’re beautiful.IMG_0017

We often talk about who you’ll grow up to be.  We wonder if you’ll be kind; who you’ll take after.  We are excited to find out but don’t want to rush it.  We hear it rushes by no matter what we want though.  So, if years from now you read this, I want you to read these things aloud again as an adult and ask yourself which of these still applies.  Hopefully you’ve got the drool under control and you have more than two teeth.  But I truly hope you can still go back and say this description is you.

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