And So “Let Her Cry It Out” Begins

Our Dearest Darling Daughter,

How dare you demand such drinks during the pre-dawn doldrums before your everyday docket!?  Practicing some alliteration.   Anyhow, your usual schedule states your bedtime is between 7 PM and 8 PM and your wake time is between 5 AM and 6 AM. You arise for the day to your morning milk with a shot of prune juice.  It’s a lovely schedule.  A schedule we can work with.  But lately, it’s not your timetable so much.  And this program is problematic for our maintenance naps.

Wednesday night you demanded a bottle at 4 AM.  Thursday night you craved a bottle at 3 AM.  Last night you summoned us for a bottle at 2 AM.  Well guess what, little girl.  You lost!  Your mother and I decided to let you cry it out.

From 2 AM until about 4:09 AM (ish), we fought with you in the rocking chair, watched you climb the walls of your crib through the monitor, and laid quietly listening to your whimpers as you sat up staring at the door to your bedroom anxiously awaiting our return, milky delight in hand.

But you never got your treat. Your mom did melt into a softie and rock you back to a gentle slumber while I caught an extra 30 minute maintenance nap.  But, alas, as the slow, cruel hands of time ticked in the silent night of our home, around 4:15 AM or so, I could visit with the sandman no more.  Probably a function of me going to sleep at 8:50 PM last night and 7:45 PM the night before.  I hopped out of bed and grabbed the video monitor to your room to witness this experiment work until about 6:30 AM.  What did I do all that time besides stare into the night vision of the 2″ screen?  I did what every night owl does.  I watched Netflix on my laptop, which are probably 2 things that don’t even exist anymore when you read this little letter.

In conclusion, we’re assuming we have about 3 more nights of this “cry it out” hypothesis until you’re in dream world all night.   Until then, my sweet little second pot of coffee, my darling little afternoon 5 Hour Energy, my cute giant third glass of wine, we’ll love you even when you think we’ve abandoned you.

Kisses & Smothers,

Your Cruel, Cruel Mother & Father

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