And So “Let Her Cry It Out” Ends

An update for those of you who were curious about how letting her cry it out has gone. One word. Terrible.

It could be that we have no curtains, few rugs, and high ceilings that create a butterfly effect of noise throughout our house. I can almost tell whether Jess picked up an apple or an orange it’s so distinct. And that’s easy because it’s always an apple; she doesn’t like oranges… but I digress. The megaphone-like shotgun stylings of our home, coupled with a little black meower, really makes it hard for a baby to sleep. In turn, that makes it hard for her parents to sleep through her whimpers. Vicious noise cycle (sounds like of like a washing machine setting). Back to the cry it out thing. It just simply wasn’t working for us. Unless we buy some noise-canceling headphones to sleep in or we invent the new, improved Baby Muzzle, crying it out has been pointless.

In the early hours of one morning, as the comforter went flying off for the umpteen time that night, I heard a bitter voice state that “we’re buying a damn noise machine” that day. So in the interest of my own fear, we resorted to buying a white noise machine. That day. And after one countless hour of internet searching and no help from my most-trusted website, and perhaps you’re getting a sense of the impending explosion on the horizon if we didn’t get something done, we ended up at Bed Bath & Beyond with just hope on our side. And we walked out victorious with a HoMedics Sound Soother.

The machine is pretty great. Several sounds that offer undulating noises or constant hums. Our daughter prefers “fan” and, at times, I want to put it on “white noise” to feel like we’re really in a scary movie. You should hear it.

All in all, it’s drowned out much of the ambient rattles from the kitchen and the pathetically slight meows / incessant scratching from the Millie cat. From Emerson’s room, that is. Jess and I still get the pleasure of hearing all that, of course. But I can say Emerson Kate rests better now.

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