FIU at LA Tech: Emerson Kate’s First Big Game


This year we bought season tickets to the football games of my married collegiate team, the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, so we could make the trip to Ruston, LA on Saturdays. We love going to the games. To me, there’s nothing like giving it the good ol’ college try and that game day atmosphere. The Bulldog stadium, though newly renovated, has an intimate feel to it. Intimate may be code for small and poorly attended by the student body. I think it’s a shame that those Bulldogs don’t get out and support their teams every year. So we’ll do it for them!

Anyhow, we have a future cheerleader on our hands. What do I mean by that? Well she watches the crowd more than the game on the field, has no idea what the rules are, and thinks all the cheers and applause are for her. *Pause for Jess hitting me…* and done.

The game was a “red out” game meaning everyone is supposed to wear their Bulldog red. Well, being that I only have a blue LA Tech shirt, I had to opt for my Red Raider red shirt that my buddy Zane sent me. So all this support I’m trying to muster up for these football players was totally shot down by my lack of gear, and everyone just looked at me like I was in the wrong state. Thwarted again.

Having a baby at a football game is the vogue thing to do in Ruston, LA. There are a ton of young families there with little ones plopped on laps of screaming fathers and half-interested moms alike. Ours was no different. We figured we’d make it to halftime before a full-on meltdown happened. You see, she doesn’t care to be too far away from home base that long. But alas, through the 90 degree heat and the pyrotechnics, through the teenage boys behind us with their blow horns, through Tech touchdowns and letdowns, Emerson Kate was a trooper.

The big takeaway besides a victory for LA Tech 27-17, was that Emerson fell asleep in my arms. A first. We were waiting in the Kona Ice line so we could order a cactus juice (they were out of lemon-lime so we agreed and settled on black cherry) and there was this nice breeze swishing through the tunnel onto the patrons of the concession stands. As fan and foe walked by, pausing to comment on Emerson’s noticeable blues, she slowly hid them from the view of the onlookers behind her eyelids. Then all of a sudden, she was out. The little sweat-box stayed like that for probably 30 minutes, through the Kona Ice line, through the Kona Ice devouring, through the trek back to the seats, through the second half kickoff, and through the heat. It was awesome. And wet. Hopefully she doesn’t end up being as sweaty as I am, but so far it’s not looking good, kiddo.

All in all, we made it through to the third quarter and caught the rest of the game on the radio heading home. Pretty nice little Saturday. Until the TCU Horned Frogs ruined it for everyone.

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