We’ve Got Halloween For Days

Not one, but two. Yes, we were blessed with two days of Halloween with the way the holiday fell this year. It was destined to be the greatest Halloween ever. And we were prepared. Because that’s what we do and that’s usually the fun part. The preparation.

How can you not be prepared considering we already have a black cat and a witch in the house?  We got the sign on a trip to Nebraska Furniture, which I don’t really suggest going to unless you have all afternoon and aren’t afraid of crowds.

Pre-All Hallow’s Eve a.k.a. Friday night, we had rough weather with some light rain and cooler temperatures on the horizon.

Sitting out on the porch isn’t always enough, though, to drive the candy seeking traffic. Not good enough to entice the children to walk our mostly empty, short block in the neighborhood. Nay. We needed something to add to it. Amazon Prime’s Halloween music station, check… what else…? Hmmm…

Lights! I went to Home Depot that afternoon and bought orange lights for the front. Half off, even. In all my excitement, I still refrained from buying a giant, inflatable black cat or anything like that. We had planned for a party and it was coming together nicely.

We had all the mixings of a great Halloween party. Two bottles of wine, a bottle of bourbon and ginger ale, two six packs of beer, all the candy you could drink errr eat, cupcakes, chili and cornbread, The house was decorated and all we needed were friends to share and children to scare.

Alas, as fate would have it, the weather kept all our friends away and most of the trick-or-treaters too. Bummer.

But we got a redo! The next day was the actual holiday, October 31st. The scariest day of the year. And we would be ready. Jess got excited and bought more candy and some glowing trinkets to add to the giant pumpkin holder. Someone had other plans.

That was an all-night affair. This time I knew I needed to step it up and don a costume. Some mild indecision lead me to just grab my Halloween bag and try on all of my costumes.

All at once. I settled for Where’s Waldo, though. Jess just stayed dressed like a witch. Ha. We tried to capture those moments.

After all the shenanigans, we anxiously awaited trick-or-treaters from the front window overlooking the wet, sleepy street.

Partly because the weather, partly because of indecision in the neighborhood, hardly anyone came. It was another bust, but the best part about a family like ours is that even those days can be fun. So much of life is about the journey and not the destination.

Though we put a big dent in the cupcakes and bourbon among just the Horns, we still had plenty of leftovers. And we ended the night with a good old family movie.

Millie bought front row tickets apparently. Now it’s 364 days until the next Halloween, and we will be ready. All of us.

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