Thanksgiving 2015

Funny thing about being parents in the first year. You forget all sorts of stuff. Forget to clean a bottle for the night. Forget to pack an extra outfit. Forget to grab Mr. Goat. Some parents even forget their kids.

Jess and I didn’t forget you or Thanksgiving or anything overly important. Yet. We forgot the brussels sprout salad. Pretty innocuous thing to forget and luckily no one really asked. But it was part of our healthy Thanksgiving.

We packed up, forgetting just a few things, and made our way down to Grand Cane, LA for the first Thanksgiving at Jess’s parents house. We had 11 or so people crowding the kitchen, barking orders, drinking mimosas and enjoying family time. Normally, we’d go around the table and say what we’re thankful for… okay not really. But I know what Jess and I are thankful for this year.

We ate some delicious lunch while entertaining the little one who was busy gobbling up everything her mother put on her highchair. Once that was over, we got to hear some heated political debate and excused ourselves outside to settle Emerson down for a nap. Nap time and the parents were off!

Dallas, TX here we come. As self-proclaimed “foodies”, Jess and I had a list of places we wanted to visit in this trip. They were all to be rehashes of our old stomping grounds. Places we miss and places we have history.

The ending list:  Media in the Hilton Anatole (not much open on Thanksgiving night), Village Baking Company, LUCK at Trinity Groves, Eno’s Pizza, Oddfellows. And I’ll step out on a limb and say I probably gained 4 lbs.

The weekend away was a real success. Nine hours of sleep two nights in a row, even in a hotel room without a working air conditioner. Great food, good news on the horizon and some much-needed reconnecting of our relationship with each other. But, as I mentioned earlier, we’ll probably forget it all in about a week.

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