Flying the Bubble Car

You’re about 10.5 months old now, Emerson. Just a few days away from taking you first steps, we think. And you’re still cute, even when you can be trying at times.

We recently watched a movie called Home and it’s been a popular one in the Horn household’s Netflix account. One of the contraptions the Boov scoot around in is a flying bubble car.

Well I guess that idea has crept into your head and ours, as you’ve taken to making the absolute cutest noise like you’re flying around in your very own bubble car. Best described, I’d say anyone can duplicate the act by pursing your lips together somewhat loosely and blowing slightly through your lips, allowing them to flap together.  B-b-b-b-b-b-b. But since you’re a baby, you hum this high pitch noise behind it and it sounds like tiny bubbles coming out of the exhaust pipe of your flying car.

We haven’t quite gotten you to understand when we want you to do it, but we’re working on that. Yes, we’re teaching you tricks like an elephant in the circus. Deal with it.


Your Ringmasters

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