Uncle Josh & The 4 Steps

Yes, Uncle Josh & The 4 Steps sounds like a band featuring a bunch of bearded 20-somethings wearing flannel, dark-rimmed glasses and playing bluegrass. And I’d probably listen to them. But this one is just about a little child showing off.

Josh dropped by on his way back from Kansas, 3 dead deer in the back of his truck. Was he stopping by to see the new place, visit his sister, check in with his brother-in-law? He was probably here because that little Emerson Kate loves her Uncle Josh and he loves her just the same.

So as he entered our Lakewood rental built in 1925 around 3 PM, there was no surprise to feel a new warmth in this cold, creaky home. We talked about his trip, the snow, his gear… typical guy stuff. But it was all a ruse for him to play with our daughter. She loves to hang with the cool uncle.

His yellow Browning hat is one of her favorites. She’ll pull it off his head and act like she’s going to put it back on or try and put it on her own head. It’s never successful, but the way she giggles from this game of hers is pretty precious. And then she did it.

Old Blue Eyes was by her stroller in the corner of the living room (or as Regan called it “the front room” which makes no sense as it’s the 2nd or 3rd room anyone would walk into in all practicality). There she is still in her fleece pajamas and wearing non-matching purple socks under her tiny white Keds looking back at Uncle Josh sitting maybe 5 feet away on the front room couch. She lets go and starts walking like she’s been putting us on the whole time. Like walking was too easy and she was just testing us to see if we were really paying attention.

One step, hands now out towards Josh like “I’m gonna gitcha”, huge smile on her face. Two steps in and she’s giggling and bobble heading along. Three steps and she hits the uneven, ancient wood floors that now gently wave throughout the house after years of settling. Unease takes place in her eyes. Four steps and it’s now bracing for impact. Boom. She’s down.

Really her falls are mostly graceful now. I think Emerson has figured out when they’re coming. Minus when she went head-first off the couch earlier this morning when dad was supposed to be watching her. That one caught a few people by surprise.

Anyhow, that’s all beside the point… The short window of time Emerson had with her Uncle Josh was a lot of fun. Then we went to Oddfellows where she had chicken and waffles and stopped by Motor Sisters Ice Cream just for good measure. I think that’s one for the books. Or blog. Yes, the blog.

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