A Year in Review

Ha! Heck no.  We’re not ever going to be able to review one whole year into one post. But we can review a heck of a birthday party…


Just think about how much you’ve changed. How much you’ve grown. How many little things you’ve picked up from your parents and how many things your parents have learned from you.

So, no. This post isn’t about a year of review. It might be about a one-year-old’s right-now though. Don’t you dare cue the Van Halen song. Don’t.

So, litte Emerson. Let me try to tell you who you are at one.

You’re still a beautiful little girl. You still get called “blue eyes” and you still could get a baby modeling contract if your parents were greedy or smart. Your dad still worries about all that.

You’ll eat deer jerky. We have proof.

You walk now. Not completely solid, but you have a wobble that let’s us know to watch you. That’s worth about 15 steps if you’re counting.

You say “milk” kind of.  “More” sounds the same, but as your parents, we can tell a difference. “Kitty” is your favorite word and Mr. Goat is your favorite sleeping buddy.

The party was full of generous people giving you great clothes, toys, and most importantly love. Happy birthday, Emerson Kate.

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