Three Days of Bliss

It’s the first time in her short life that we’ve gotten straight sleep.  The first night we thought it was a fluke.  Down by 7 PM and not a peep until about 4:45 AM.  The second night more of the same but she pushed the rooster’s call until 5:15 AM.  The third night it was even better! I think she slept a solid 11 hours without making so much as a noise.

I can’t begin to explain the feeling of hope coupled with not counting your chickens before your eggs hatch.  It’s like you want to sing from the mountain tops but you know once you make the hike up the first leg of the trail, there’s going to be a mudslide to ruin the excitement. So maybe I can explain the feeling…

Anyhow, it was glorious. Three days of restful, peaceful sleep. And then. A fever hits.  Guess we’ll be drinking mudslides this week.

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