Is It Possible to Become a Blueberry?


The title sounds like a silly question. A person Willy Wonka-ing into a blueberry. I mean, that book is in the fiction section for a reason. Right?

Emerson Kate LOVES blueberries. A proper metaphor to describe her love would be something like “blueberries are her air”. They’re what make her go. Consequently, I’m reminded of mom and dad’s “go juice” which is coffee in the morning and wine / rose (some) nights. But I digress.

Emerson Kate LOVES blueberries. She will eat approximately $2.50 worth of them in one sitting, if you’re counting. It’s funny to watch her go to the fridge, knowing exactly what she wants. We can try to appease her with milk, gingersnaps, yogurt pouches, pretzels or any number of other treats. But she wants her blueberries.

Though I still tend to call her Munchkin Face or Sugar Bear, and should most definitely be calling her the Texas Toy Tornado, I think we’re missing our chance on calling her Blueberry Monster.

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