An Updated Sunday Routine

Sundays are an anomaly in Dallas. Maybe that’s not the exact right description. Sundays are used as an excuse for certain behaviors in Dallas. Sure, we’re still God-fearing southerners who attend the early service, but we attend the early service so we can enjoy brunch, mimosas and bloody Mary’s, patios, pools, dog parks, and all the other great things Sundays bring on in celebration of one more day before the Monday blues.

We’ve fallen into a two-week routine ourselves. No quite as Dallasite as it could be, but it’s been pretty fun. I won’t lie and say we’ve been good about church because we haven’t. So let me put that in black and white.

Our new Sundays have been waking up at the crack of dawn to a fantastically happy baby who slept all night. Getting some sweet “snuggle times” in (mom term) while she is enjoying a milk sippy cup before needing a little pre-breakfast. Consisting mostly of fruit, preferably blueberries, while mom and dad get ready for the day.

Since our coffeemaker went to Heaven recently, we have been relying on the good folks at the local breakfast eateries to supply us with parent go-juice and vittles. Today was Company Cafe on Lower Greenville.

But I’ll say the highlight of the day has been the brunch, though when you wake up at 5 AM “brunch” to the Dallasites is actually just late lunch for parents. Around 11 AM we take Emerson Kate into the stroller and walk up to Mi Cocina in Lakewood. We sit on the patio where Emerson can people watch and chase pigeons while mom and dad sip on mambo taxis and enjoy quesadillas. It’s a beautiful blend of the yogi’s term of “happy baby” and the parent’s term of “peace and relaxation”.

But the best is yet to come. Jess and I love real estate. To the point that she showed me a GIF of Modern Family where the husband says something to the point of wanting to talk about his first, true love… “residential real estate”.

We’ve been fortunate enough to walk over to the Sunday Open Houses around the neighborhood. I typically pour us a to-go champagne before we start our trek.

We’ve been fortunate enough to NOT be able to afford these homes either. As lovers of real estate, we fall in love with all the nuances of the old, quaint homes in our ‘hood. We find the treasure in a finished out attic that converted to a closet and laundry or an upstairs bath that was basically a crawl space before someone got creative.

So Sundays for us are new restaurants, a good walk, a good champagne rose, house “window shopping”, and a quiet end to a busy week.

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