Dallas Farmers Market

Today we went to the Dallas Farmers Market. I was so excited for the plan we made earlier in the week. Emerson’s first DFM event after a quick breakfast out, and it would give us plenty of time to browse before Ashton’s 29th birthday party at Manny’s in Uptown. Pretty good little Saturday, if you ask me.

The weather wasn’t necessarily cooperative but also promising from WFAA that morning.  Since we get up at 5 AM everyday, it’s easy to know what the weather is going to do. And they gave us a little ray of hope through the clouds. I’d describe the morning weather as “nice”.

We woke up in the wee hours o’ the morn as Emerson Kate will have us do. We didn’t shower and threw on our… what’s the opposite of Sunday Best… Saturday Worst? But just ready to be out in the potential weather, Emerson still in her pajamas and packed tight with the umbrellas.

We made it to Goodfriend Package, as it was formerly a part of Good to Go Taco, and had our favorite Cultivar coffee since our coffee maker broke and I’m too cheap to buy the good one. We enjoyed a sausage cinnamon pancake, a bacon egg & Sriracha cheddar biscuit, and a wheat toast egg white avocado & tomato sandwich. From there, it was her nap time.

We got home and hung out a while assuming the DFM would be ready for us when Emerson awoke. About 9:15 AM we head downtown.

Apparently, the farmers didn’t send out the memo that farmers start working at dawn. We arrived downtown and all the market sellers were just setting up, at best. The warehouse only had a few spots open. It was dead, which was so confusing as we’d been up for 4 hours. Real farmers would have been ashamed of using their fair trade’s name to open so late.

Anyhow, it was pretty great to see. Downtown in the Big D. I loved the sites, the shops (that were open) and the vibe. It’s a must… after 10 AM.

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