TTU at TCU Baseball

Emerson Kate went to her first baseball game today. How fun. For her. It ended up being insanely warmish in the outfield. Not to mention, Dad spent the entire time worried that a line drive homerun might come roaring into the stands and smash one of us in the face. Because that’s what parents do. They worry.

Children don’t worry though. They stand on the stoned-edge of the terraced outfield staring at people walking by, pointing at the with reckless abandon, saying “bye-bye” and waving.  No care in the world.


It was a hodgepodge of friends that made it to the game. Justin and his eldest daughter had a dad-daughter date. Nathan, Rachel and their boy joined us on the outspread quilt in right field. Side note: I’m watching you, Woods. Keep those hands to yourself. Taylor and his wife joined the group. Greta and Benny came strolling in leisurely. Before you knew it, we had enough people to qualify for a group discount.

Ballpark food is always fun. They make interesting fair-like food items such as funnel cake and the deep-fried potato swirl commonly referred to as one giant connected potato chip. Maybe that’s not the common term.

Emerson demolished the giant fried spud almost by herself. We were all sweating out the water and salt, so I figured Emerson was just replacing it with grease and salt. Great for a child just over a year old, right?

Anyhow, the Horns didn’t make the whole game. Partially because we don’t really care a bunch about collegiate baseball and partly because I’m not a huge fan of sweating in a mass of red and purple clad fans clashing in the grassy knolls. We bailed early, but not before Emerson got to enjoy some of Woods’ raisins as he was in a sharing mood.

We dropped into a new Fort Worth spot, Taco Heads, for an early dinner before the long ride home. Good day.

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