Totally Tubular

Emerson has her ear tubes in now, and it’s Sunday. Thursday we were told after the anesthesia wore off that she’d wake up crying and screaming as most kids do. Then she’d take a long nap and would be back to herself by that afternoon.

When we finished sipping our coffee at the round table in the waiting room and the nurses called us back to get our screaming, hopping-mad daughter, we found her just snuggled against a nurse in black scrubs holding her gently as Emerson observed her surroundings. No yelling, no nausea, though black scrubs shouldn’t be allowed in operating rooms. I didn’t enjoy the allusion.

It was a pretty easy recovery, as long as we put her in a position to see around the curtains. We were released within 15 minutes after an overly-energetic nurse explained to us the do’s and don’t’s.

By this time it was well past everyone’s breakfast threshold. We needed food. Chick-fil-A was a-callin’.  The nurses let us know Emerson might not have her same eating pattern for the next few days, but she enjoyed a tater tot, some milk and a quick nap. I say quick nap, but from Frisco to Junius Heights isn’t exactly down the street.

When the Horns arrived to our temporary abode, Emerson awoke and was already back to herself. You know, the little terror that I just assume all 17.5 month olds must be. Because why would it be fair if we were singled out with the Energizer Bunny as a daughter? The problem was that her parents had been up since 4:45 AM and it was just the start of a rough weekend. A rough weekend starting on Thursday morning. Yay.

Jess scheduled an appointment for herself at Preston and Royal at 4:30 PM, which meant there would be a dad-daughter dinner date. We chose the local smokehouse and ordered some of her favorites. As I was undoubtedly yawning or maybe ordering a coffee (okay, beer), Emerson decided to sneak her first, fresh jalapeño. Welcome home, Little One. I’m guessing that jalapeños were on the don’t list…

Relief would come soon enough after Jess showed up to finish our dinner at the smokehouse. Soon after, Emmy Kate was lucky enough to have her grandparents come in town to take care of her with a little assistance from her parents on Thursday night, all Friday and part of Saturday.

There were a ton of things to note over the weekend thereafter. Like Emerson’s over-attachment to her grandma “Gigi”, Emerson’s extra sass as she can now hear herself better, and so on.

But one of the best things we saw was Papaw sharing his vanilla and caramel ice cream cone with his granddaughter. It might not sound like a big deal, but I’m pretty sure if someone sneezed in the next room over while he was eating a hotdog, he’d throw it away. The man doesn’t like germs. Big steps.

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