Explaining the Unexplainable

I have considered this question in my head for a while now. Do I address all the crazy things that are happening in the world, or do I just ignore it and keep this little place a happy existence?

Well it’s hard to say either way. I wonder, I think, I ponder. I Dr. Seuss rhyme.

Will you look at the date stamp on this post and ask what your parents were feeling? Or will you have no idea what has happened in 2016? Maybe you don’t care. Who knows.

But I didn’t want to let it go in the end. We live in some scary times. But these same frights have happened during plenty of decades. This isn’t a first. The 60’s race riots, for example.

The point is, I doubt we’re in the worst place in history, but there is a gloomy, looming feeling about all the tragedies all over the globe.

Terrorist attacks, ex-military ambushing police, police killing innocent people; it’s scary out there.

Fear is a governor on progress. Fear limits us in every facet. Fear can rule us if we let it. Today, though, love is preached over anything. Community, togetherness, love, acceptance, unity. There are a million buzzwords flying around that have been words forever. We just try to reemphasize the meaning of them and wrap them around the awful truth to make us rally for a time.

You can pray, you can protest, you can advocate, some can legislate, you can fight, or you can choose to ignore it all.

I don’t have a good summation of what to think or do. That’ll be on you. If you ever want to come ask me, then we’ll have a conversation about it. But back to one of the first questions: what were your parents feeling. Worry about bringing you up in a crazy world, much like our parents thought before us and their parents before them. One day, you’ll probably say the same thing too.

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