A Hook Cook Book

Four perfectly over-medium, Dad-prepared eggs on a Saturday morning has inspired this post.

It’s not every day that we cook, but we do chef up dinner most nights. It’s a family affair, just like I’d always wanted when I thought about my future family.

Growing up, we didn’t do much of that in the Horn household. Cooking together, that is. Not to say I didn’t devour heaps of Hamburger Helper. But we rarely cooked as a family. Breakfast some mornings and then Thanksgiving or Christmas. That was about it.

For Jess, Emerson and myself, it’s several dinners a week, at least one weekend breakfast, some weekend lunches, and the dreaded but enjoyable leftovers.

Breakfast is by far my favorite thing to cook. The bad thing is, Jess is way way better at it than I am. So she’s the breakfaster in the family. I’m typically the sous chef; know your place. But today, I shined.

There are few things on this planet that have connected people throughout history than a simple plate of food. In fact, probably nothing in history connects us more.

So my hope is that our food helps us connect as a family. That our kitchen is always open, welcoming to all and full of great smells, people, a flavor. Whether we’re making something delicious or something that goes terribly wrong, as long as we’re doing it together (and not panicking, Jess…), we’re building that bond.

“What good to a Nook is a hook cook book?” – Dr. Suess

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