Flamingos Live at the Zoo

Proud moment. Jess and I teach E.K. tons of things. Most of those are typically things not to do. Don’t grab the cat’s tail, don’t bite, don’t throw Mr. Goat into the toilet; you know, important things.
So when we can teach her something to actually do, it feels like we’re not being parents but being influencers. And this influence is far-reaching.

As all children love animals, we have been huge on teaching her animal names and noises with songs like Old McDonald or even flash cards we picked up at Target. Hard to think of what noise a rabbit or kangaroo makes, but there are some fun tweaks you can make to those as well.

One in particular is the flamingo. A pink bird known primarily for eating shrimp, clearly the fanciest eater in the bird family, and standing on one leg. Emerson can say “flamingo”-ish. She kind of muddles it out in an “L” noise by pushing her tongue out past her front teeth, which is the dang cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s a “flllallinglo”.

And as we taught her the name, we taught her the one-foot up move. And this has proven to be extremely useful. Need to change her pants? Ask her to “flamingo”.

This week at daycare was a focus on the color pink. The seventh or so in a series of color focus. As Emmy Kate and I got to school and noticed all the pink, I told her teacher about our little trick.

Fast forward to Friday, and we take home a weekly update that says this:

 How cool. The whole class will now be flamingo-ing.

Our reward as parents is pride, but what was the Sugar Bear’s reward? The Dallas Zoo Saturday morning. Yes, they have a flamingo pond.

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