An Updated List of Favorites at 19 Months

How much do you really forget with “pregnancy brain”? How long does that phenomenon actually last? What memory loss do you experience as a dad with no sleep?

We had a little taste of that today as Emmy Kate asked to watch old videos of herself on my phone (yes, she’s quite vain) and I rediscovered her Bubble Car noise. I’d completely forgot about that.

So the old ball and chain and I decided to make a 19 month favorites list as of today, so that we don’t forget this moment.

Favorite Activity: Fake Driving your Mom’s Buick Enclave

Favorite Animal: Flamingo

Favorite Author: Dr. Seuss

Favorite Book: Baby Faces

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Show: Dave & Ava

Favorite Movie: Three Amigos

Favorite Daily Routine: Brushing Teeth

Favorite Fruit: Peach

Favorite Noise: Psttt (think the noise a press spray makes)

Favorite Word: Umbrella

Favorite Food: Pop Tart

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Drink: Milk (still)

Favorite Past Time: Playing in Water

Favorite Person: Everyone

Favorite Song: Old McDonald Had A Farm

Favorite Pet: Millie

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