Five Houses in Three Years.

Really that’s all you need to know, Emmy Kate. You’ve lived in every one of them, too. Springwater, Leisure Lane, Maple Grove, Tremont, and now Ridgeway. You’re a seasoned vet when it comes to cardboard boxes, moving blankets, trucks and trailers, plastic wrap and old newspapers.

I hate moving. Hate it. Probably my least favorite thing on this planet. Even more than the way people say “Jolly Rancher” or how glitter never goes away.

Your mom would suggest that packing is my least favorite thing on the planet, actually. Because she had to do it all. Again. And the excuse that I am disgusted by the smell of cardboard only goes so far.

Our family has moved for a lot of reasons: to be closer to family, a temporary domicile while our dream home is being built, a move back to our old neighborhood, an opportunity to be “walkable” that we couldn’t pass up.

People move for all sorts of reasons. Your mom moved at least 10 times in college. Ten. Your dad probably came close to that too. Moving is the pits, so we hope this time is the last.

Our new home is perfect for our lot in life right now. Enough room to run and play, to have company over and spend the night, to walk to two popular areas of East Dallas, to get away to the European-style apartment upstairs, if needed. It’s got a ton of charm, especially for a house that’s almost 100 years old. Luckily, it got a facelift before we became it’s caretakers.

You’ll hear things throughout your life like “home is where your heart is” or “home sweet home” or “there’s no place like home”.

So, here’s your forever home. For now.

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