Care Bear Stare

Wikipedia states The Care Bears ultimate weapon is the “Care Bear Stare”. It’s a ray of light that shines love and good cheer from their bellies.

Well, our little bear has a stare weapon of her own. AKA a staring problem.

Anytime we’re out in public and someone catches her attention, there’s a serious stare down. As parents, we like to think she’s just observing. If I were a casual onlooker, I might say she’s rude.

Jess and I have tried to make her start saying hello when the person she’s visually violating actually notices her. But it’s no use.

The other weapon, and perhaps this one is her superhero power, is the ability to stare daggers into her enemies. It’s a rare talent that mostly only women own.

Best I give you an example. The other day as I was standing in our kitchen, our little Emmy had a chalk stick in her grasp. The purple one, I believe. And as we reminded her for the one gillionth time to “only draw on the black chalkboard”, she lays it on me. The stare that says, “oh, you are trying to tell me what to do…?”

Her next move was to turn around, draw a line on the white paint of the kitchen island, and then throw the chalk directly onto the ground, fracturing the stick into several pieces.

So maybe I shouldn’t describe it as a superhero power. Perhaps it’s a super villain power.

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