Do You Want to Do the Repeater?

Not only a classic line from Super Troopers, one of the top 10 comedies of all time, “Do you want to do the repeater?” might as well be Emerson’s motto lately.

All kids get into repeater mode at some point. They’re testing their speech patterns out by mimicking what they hear. And it’s great fun, as long as you’re not cursing up a storm.

I like to give Emmy Kate some challenging things to say, which always makes Jess and I laugh. Today, in the car after an incredible expedition to the sand dunes of east Dallas AKA The Lot, Dad asked Emerson if she was unruly. She repeated, in the most precious way, “No unruly. Emmy no unruly.”

I then tried giving her “onomatopoeia”, which I thought she did a pretty good job with.

The fatal flaw in my amusement with this particular human pet trick is that I’ll get Emmy to tell her mom to “shhhh” when she’s giving me a hard time about something I know she’s correct about. That’s backfired on a number of occasions including Emmy now telling me to “shhhh” when I get onto her. Good parenting, Dad. Good parenting.

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