Undoubtedly, you’ll hear me say the phrase “we all have to make sacrifices” many times throughout your life, Emerson. And it’ll have no meaning to you for years upon years until you feel what it’s like to actually make self-imposed sacrifices. Those are the only ones that actually count in my book.

But even though I’m quite aware of the fact that you’ll not really understand what I’m saying, I’m still going to use the phrase. Deal with it.

I had not initially intended to make a listing of sacrifices I feel like we have made just trying to be good parents. Stuff like uprooting our lives to move closer to family, leaving family to come back and be financially stable. You know, grown up junk. My thought was more to write about how both Jess and I have had to sacrifice sleep for morning routines and certain conveniences for work-related happiness.

But really not much of anything has felt like a real sacrifice. I think that kind of goes hand in hand with “all things happen for a reason” and lots of other phrases based in faith in a higher power or kitschy napkin prints for a clever cocktail party.

Someone already summed all that up better than I…

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although, the internet is probably way wrong about that actual quote or who said it first. There’s no way that R.W. Emerson said something that short. Go read his works.

But this season of our lives has been a lot of fun. Lots of change, lots of sacrifices but all in the name of good. Maybe it just means that letting go of something you’re used to doing, stepping out of your comfort zone, and starting something new doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. You might not miss whatever it is you gave up if there’s something better around the corner.

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