2 Years in the Making

Emerson Kate is two (2) years old. Yes, it’s finally that time. I’ve been calling her two for months and months for some reason. And after an epic 1st birthday, the party came back to Dallas at our house. We had to step up to match Granny Grunt’s (G.G.) party a year ago.

Jess made giant plans. Plans that would make the original zeppelin blush. A bounce house, a giant number 2 balloon tree out front, a neighborhood block party with a petting zoo… No. Not at all. We stole our birthday idea from Emmy’s classmates.

Hank is a kid from school. Hank had a birthday party in the park.  Everyone came to Hank’s birthday party. Hank’s party was fun. –typed in Pete the Cat form, in case you were thinking I’d regressed in my writing ability.

Crosby had a birthday party about a month ago that got weathered out. It was supposed to be at the same park as Hank’s, but at 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside, slides are more like “sticks”. So they moved it inside to their house.

At this age, birthday parties are more like excuses for parents to get together and let their children entertain themselves. We make coffee, treats, mimosas and sit around and give each other tips on how we make it through each day. Sound about right?

It was about 6 AM this morning when the birthday girl awoke. She asked for Mom, Pawpaw, G.G., Nana, and Grandma Neen. I didn’t hear a Dad in there, now that I think about it. Anyhow, that little bear was so excited to have all her family in town. And when I finally got her in my dad bear paws and told her “happy birthday”, her immediate response was “where’s birthday cake?” How freaking cute is she?

Then it was a frantic race to the finish. A 9:30 AM call out to all the school friends, family and a couple of parents’ buddies too.

Jess planned blueberry muffins, pancake mini muffins with maple-infused butter, fruit bowls, coffee, mimosas, juice (sans champagne), and a massive birthday donut stack.

We had all the school kids over along with friends and a ton of Jess’s family. It was like Hotel California in here. Great help as we both were a little stressed about the plans. Having a million children in your house is a little different than one. So we told everyone that they could check out any time they liked, but they could never leave.

It was a full family effort on the morning of Saturday. Baking, cleaning, organizing, etc. And then, just as we finished it all up, the first guests arrived. Then the second, third, fourth and so on and so forth. It was an incredible turn out. Like an Eagles reunion tour.

Dorothy, Hank, the twins, Crosby, Audrey, Riley, Charlie, future Charlie, Olivia, William, Hudson, Miriam, Andrea, Wheeler, Emerson, and who knows who else (sincerely sorry if I missed you).

9:30 AM turned into noon quickly. And it was fun. Parents weren’t too stressed. Family was welcoming to the friends and the house held up to all the hustle and bustle. It was a success.

The invitations said “no presents”, yet we ended up with several. Sweet people we associate ourselves with. We truly felt thankful for all the people that were here and hope that everyone here is just the base to her future friendships. We’ll work to build on each and everyone one.

And Dad isn’t happy about having to write Thank You cards to those who disobeyed the “no gifts” thing. You should be punished. Not thanked.

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