Have You Ever Been to the Zoo?

That title is a bit of an inside joke about the beach, so you should come ask me about it sometime.

We ventured to the Fort Worth Zoo today. It was a new experience for Emerson and a reboot of childhood experiences for both Jess and I. When we were kids ourselves, everyone always proclaimed that the Fort Worth Zoo was soooo much better than the Dallas Zoo. I’m not sure I would agree today, but that’s still the general group think.

To test the idea, we tried it out. We ventured to Cow Town to see their zoo. I’ll admit, it was pretty neat. That is “pretty neat” as far as zoos go. I find it sad to have all these wild animals in habitats that are hardly inhabitable for species meant to roam.

That being stated, it’s great to let Emerson see these beasts in person versus the TV. And she loves it. We met Charlie, Uncle Regan and Aunt Stacy at the zoo. Two dads strolling their offspring around the paved paths, discussing said offspring’s weeks, and trying to look cool. The womenfolk behind us planning our next vacation.

To decide which zoo is better would be sheer speculation by a novice. So I won’t go there. But I will give the Fort Worth Zoo this…

An orangutan on top of the enclosure just sitting there perched like a bald eagle in all its majesty. A stop-down spectacle to say the least. He even started ooo-ooo-aaahh-ing at some passersby. It was great.

And speaking of majestic. 

Look at those horns. But the highlight of the day was just as the sun was setting over the zoo. We passed the lion enclosure to see a great king reigning over his pride. And as he stood in all his greatness, he sniffed the air to pick up a scent that interested him. And he let out a mighty growl. Then another and another. Everyone stopped and marveled at just how loud and powerful this roar was. Something we’ll never forget.

Fort Worth Zoo was great fun.

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