Shower, Water

The weekend was to be a busy one. A shower for the future baby Charlie. Yes, we now know 2 different Charlies, so this story-telling might eventually get confusing.

Jessica and Garret are having their first child and my Jess, along with about seven other girls, decided to host a baby shower for the new edition. At our house.

So my choices were easy. Disappear with E.K.H. on a Dad-Daughter date or stay at a baby shower. That had no mimosas or bloody mary bar. At least just for the olives. Come on, hostesses.

Luckily, Jess had signed up our offspring for a springboard into the swimming pool world. No board certification required. After water safety class in the summer, it was time for a refresher course that promised additional teachings to keep her afloat. Which is of the most importance considering her bravery around the pool’s edge.

We ventured into the uber-sauna-esque storefront on Saturday morning as Jess and hostesses were preparing their festivities. Dallas Swim Kids like to keep their spot humid, to say the least. I felt like I might know how the Elm Street villain might have felt as I entered into the men’s room. Probably didn’t help that I wasn’t completely sure which locker room to take my daughter into in the first place. Awkward.

Alas, we made it. The swim lessons similar to a refresher from our YMCA times. Emerson was timid in the early minutes but comfortable by the end. I’m looking forward to next week.

After the lessons we returned to the house to change and go on another expedition. A 5-minute pitstop and then off to Digg’s Tacos, Luke’s Locker, PetsMart and maybe even a Tom Thumb walkthrough. A lot to fit in during the 2-2.5 hours of the shower.

So after donut holes, a close-out sale, dogs, cats, gerbils and fish, and some Valentine’s Day teddy bears with chocolates, we finished our first stop on the Dad-Daughter date. Next was to be Half Price Books for a new read. But about the time we were down the street, call it 3 minutes, Emerson was asleep.

Our date turned into a tour of Dallas real estate. Mostly for dad to look at work projects. Exciting stuff. I would have slept through it too, Emerson.

And then home. Home to a gaggle of baby-crazy women still at my abode. On their way out, but lingering as the helpful women will do. Cleaning, picking up, saying goodbye over a last petit four.

We went outside and played in the buckets of water, enjoying the unseasonably nice weather in the meantime. Waiting for the rest of the ladies to depart. And suddenly, the day was done. The next day, we were promised the Fort Worth Zoo…

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