Backyard Water Play

We’ve gotten accustomed to the backyard games we play. Lots of mixing and mashing (yes, I mean mashing) of ingredients into a big empty pot that used to house some succulents of some sort. Our little pretender is making all sorts of things. Soups, cinnamon milk, chocolate, coffee. A plethora of liquids all from the imagination and always to serve to others. It’s precious.

And it’s fascinating really. To watch her little brain work the way it does. She’s creating these beverages to serve to friends, family and stuffed animals. Utilizing these various buckets and water pitchers like a mixologist whisking up a cocktail from all these different receptacles into one witches’ brew.

E.K.H. is so fun to watch right now. So I did. And this is one of many great memories I’ll keep.


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