Hide & Go Seek

Emmy Kate, you are a funny little bear. You absolutely love to hide from one or both of your parents right now.

“Need hide from Mom,” you’ll say as you grab my pointer finger and pull me towards the daybed room. You’ll crawl / crash onto the daybed and grab the charcoal-colored sweater blanket we keep there. We pull it over our heads and curl up into a ball to protect us from the “scary monster” or you’ll just yell, “Mom’s coming!”

Then, from down the hall, in a boisterous, ominous voice, we’ll hear, “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun (we change it to ‘fun’ to rhyme), I see an Emerson…” The declaration is accompanied by the boom-boom-boom of feet marching along the hardwood floors. Our pier and beam house creating a tremble with each stomp, as though a real giant were coming for us.

You will start to giggle. Try to contain little screeches as the footsteps approach. You say “shhh” but you can’t really form your “h” quite yet so it kind of just sounds like “ssssh” as though a snake was trying to whisper.

And then, suddenly, the covers move with a great “I gotcha!” and plenty of laughing and emerging from our not-so-hidden cave.

It’s really fun. And you never get tired of it. We play over and over until your parents have to distract you with something else to catch our wind.

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