Fingernails & Toenails

You may say “mani / pedi” or however you might spell that atrocious affront of an abbreviation.

Me? Never had one. Never even considered it. It’s a girl thing. I know some guys do it too, but I feel like the man-card holders of the world would take away my truck and my guns if I were to do such a thing.

I’m not sure what age you can tell a person is “girly”. But I believe it’s on or before 2 years old. Our child loves the traditional feminine toys, games, etc. She still loves to play in dirt and throw rocks and what not, and we encourage her to play with whatever she wants. But there’s definitely an affinity towards and a gravitation to all things lady-like.

Before today, it seemed Emmy Kate didn’t worry about what color her mom’s nails were. And as we were outside in the backyard on our outdoor couch that I’m extremely proud of, Jess was doing her nails, as they say. But Emerson perked up at the pretty colored bottles and the white cotton balls. And so…


It’s a color I would call pink. It’s a color Revlon (or whoever) would market as primrose and proper. Come on. But whatever. It’s pink and we have a girly-girl.

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