Gone Fishin’

Your uncle Josh, who you love and adore, made it into a national bass fishing tournament which happened this week. And because we’re a supportive family, we went.

Our travels would take us out of Texas, through Oklahoma, Arkansas and finally into Missouri. Seven hours in a car, assuming we didn’t stop for longer than a few minutes. This trip would be interesting considering you’ve never really been a fan of the car seat anyways.

Your G.G. came into town on a Friday afternoon so that we could set sail in the wee hours of the AM on Saturday. Packing, making road trip breakfast, stuffing the cooler with road trip lunch, snacks and drinks, loading the Enclave. There were lots of items to check off on your Mom’s to-do list.

As we traversed up the highway with a takeoff time around 6:30 AM, there was some excitement in the air for this family vacation. And some worry about the length of the trip in the car. It was said early on that we’d need to stop at each state line and take a picture with you in front of each sign.

As we reached Oklahoma, you were taking a nap. Arkansas, you’d started your second nap. And finally Missouri, yep. You were asleep again. That being said, you really didn’t sleep all that long, just at the most inopportune times apparently. Now, you did get to travel into your first mountain tunnel, which was pretty neat.

Our destination just a few miles away, the Ozark mountain roads were winding. No speed limit signs to be found either. Just cautions on how fast to approach turn after turn after turn.

The agenda for the trip was simple. Watch uncle Josh weigh in on Monday and Tuesday. Leave on Wednesday. What we would do in between was up in the air. And so we began our Ozark family vacation. There would be many adventures along the way.

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