Cavern Tour

Our first full day of vacation. Ahhhh.

Jess and I slept in a giant, comfortable bed while G.G. took care of our little bear all night. Sleep was glorious.

We woke up and used the paltry kitchenware of the condo to make some orange cinnamon rolls along with some bacon and eggs. Breakfast of kings.

We got ready and made our first journey to the Talking Rock Cavern. Wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I’d been to a caves before, but I was the only one in our party who’d done so. All others were novice spelunkers.

Another turn-filled road down the mountain and into a little park area, there was a gold miner style sifter mill, a miniature golf course, a playground, a gift shop, a nature trail, and finally a pretty narrow cave.

We often recalled back to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with it’s deep, dark cave. Two goggly eyes… It’s a bear!

Emerson thought we’d certainly encounter a bear down there. No worries of bats, oddly, as that’s the most likely cave-dweller. But we assured her that a cavern didn’t have bears, so the framing from cave to cavern was important.

The history of the cave was originally called the “fairy cave” or “angel cave” maybe. Theres a stalagmite formation that connected to a stalactite formation inside the cavern which looks like an angel praying to a cross high above. Again, I’m not a tour guide, so that might be completely wrong.

The cave was dark, damp and full of steps. The tour was an hour, which felt like it was probably 15 minutes too long, though my party did find a great bit of satisfaction from the journey. The light show they do inside was ruined by someone trying to take flash pictures with their cell phone, which prompted a “really?!” out of me. You can’t take me anywhere.

I was also told not to comment on the 20 year old tour guide whose crutch phrase was “pretty cool” and spoke like he was the MicroMachine commercial guy from my childhood. So I won’t mention how much of a beating that was.

All in all, pretty neat little adventure, complete with Jess’s fancy picture-taker to show a decently accurate portrayal of being underground in the dark.


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