The MO Resorts

Our condo in Reed Springs, MO was on a cliff. A real cliff way up on the cliffs of Table Rock Lake. In fact, it was so high on a cliff, the place was called The Cliffs.

The place itself was really pretty. Just down the way from Silver Dollar City, the most inappropriately named theme park that isn’t somehow a casino ever. But you’re a bit young for a theme park, so we stuck to the old people stuff in Branson, MO mostly.


Our trusty friend, Trip Advisor, let us know all the good places to go eat. After we arrived and got settled in, we tried a bar-b-que place just around the bend that was pretty delicious. There a difference in bbq’s in Texas and in Missouri, they say. I was impressed with the MO bbq, actually. Nothing is as good as TX, of course. Just ask anyone from TX.

And off we were to greet uncle Josh after a long day of fishing practice on the lake. The tournament started on Monday, so he had couple days there to find a good spot for the tournament. Two hundred and four people from all over the U.S. entered the tournament. Only one could win. Not the best odds, but uncle Josh is a pretty darn good fisherman.

His hotel was a “resort”, like every other place on the lake. Now, I’m not sure what it takes to be called a “resort”, but in my opinion it’s supposed to have a spa and a golf course attached to it. To say the very least, none of these “resorts” in the Ozarks met those criteria. However, uncle Josh’s room was across from a playground, which you insisted was a “playroom”. And, to you, that made this place a “resort” for sure.

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