Strut Your Mutt 2017

Banks are one of the biggest sponsors of events. All events, it seems. It’s like the civic duty of a community bank to support whatever comes its way.

Well Dad’s bank is a sponsor of the SPCA, which is a non-profit that supports animals in a bunch of ways. And it’s good fun.

This year, the SPCA held a 5K run to raise money and awareness to help stop animal cruelty. And our little Emerson loves dogs. So this quickly became a family event.

It was packed with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Emmy tends to prefer the large breeds, just like Dad.

My responsibilities were to get to the event at 11:30 AM for cleanup. Jess and E.K.H. didn’t have to do anything technically, but they definitely decided to do tons.

Arriving around 9 AM, we were quite early. We found our vendor tent and started handing out “swag” or “merch” or any term you prefer to use to refer to stuff with the bank logo on it.

We bequeathed our merch onto participants in this run at a staggering rate. For once, we were actually handing out things people could use. So often the swag is a throw away, but we had dog bags (for poo), dog treats, carabiners, frisbees, and six $50 gift cards to a big-chain pet store. Pretty awesome.

The treat of the table was quite literally just that. The treats. Emmy was having a blast hand-feeding all the big dogs these treats. I mean it was a fantastic time for her.

By the end of the day, we were all worn out. Normally, I’d say, “and all I got was this shirt.”

But this time, we have an awesome memory and a new blog post.

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