First Musical

We attended our daughter’s first musical this afternoon. For some two and a quarter year olds, I think we’d both admit these toddlers are impressive.

The whole week, the teachers had prepared us for this musical on Friday without much other explanation. We’d ask Emerson what songs she’d be singing but never got much of an answer. We’d ask the teachers what to expect, and I imagine it was just to be a surprise considering the lack of discussion.

Walking up the stairs to the second floor of the church, I was late. Jess was there and I was rushing to catch up and witness this gift of a musical. After all, how many children at that age will actually sing, dance, sign, or act?

Well, we’re here to tell you we have a dancer, singer, actor, and digger.

Thankfully, Jess had her camera out to capture just how much fun these kids were having. It was impressive to see them sing and dance. Mostly, just to witness the joy in these kids as they expressed their learning through this format.

We left proud.

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