The Refresh

It’s not often that parents earn reprieve. Educators get it for months at a time. Uncles and Aunts get it at the slightest hint of fussiness or lavatory smell. Babysitters get it at the end of the evening. But parents. Well we get it once in a blue moon.

And like the song says, “You saw me standing alone…” Well the parents were together, but we were sans Emmy Kate. We sent Emerson to the farm.

If you’re familiar with that colloquialism, then I apologize. We didn’t kill Emerson. We allowed G.G. to whisk her off to Moore Acres, which E.K. lovingly refers to as the farm. And like a thief in the night, she was gone.

What in the world do parents do when they’re not parenting? It was something I proposed to Jess via text before the trip. Do we go to a movie, go to a sporting event, go to… really anything at all that requires stillness and quiet?

Ultimately, we had happy hour with some neighbor friends. Then woke up “late” at 6:45 AM and got after some yard work. I felt like Matt Blashaw kind of yard work although I wasn’t wearing flannel.

Tons of errands, tons of chores, tons of remembering what it’s like to be a husband and wife instead of parents. I enjoyed talking to Jess without feeling like we were just planning out the rest of the day around Emerson. And Emerson, as you read this the first time, you won’t understand what that means. But hopefully. Some day. You go back and read this and realize that it’s important to have these types of moments in a marriage that are outside of your parental responsibilities and just to reconnect. And refresh.

Plus, look at how pretty the 1924 Tudor looks with all this work…

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