Ten calendar days of banking school. The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, lovingly referred to as “Swigsbee”, is the premier banking school in the country. And I was proud to have been accepted and even more proud to have the bank pay for it.

Come to find out, I’m not the only alumni in the Horn family. My uncle was a SWGSB man. His comment was “it was a lot of partying”.

I couldn’t agree more. My interest into this school was more than just a fun time away from work and a stay-cation. I really enjoy what I do. And at some point, I assume I’ll do it at it’s highest level. But to get there, I have a lot to learn. So in comes SWGSB.

I take most things seriously though try to have a somewhat laid back approach. That being said, I am a crazy little nervous ball of excitement inside. When entering a new group of peers, my goal is to sit back and observe. Watch and step in when I feel it’s needed. Lead by example and hopefully get the opportunity to teach others along the way. If you’re into personality profiles, I’ve always tested as an INTJ.

I’m not going to go through the massive amount of knowledge crammed into my brain in those two weeks. Nor will I go into the massive amount of partying that happened all over that place.

What was important to me, and much to Jess’s credit, I was able to be present. Being there is something I’ve heard speechwriters say over and over again. Disconnect from the outside and live there in that moment. So a huge thank you to the family for letting me do that.

The quick recap is that in two weeks, I learned that I miss my family terribly and that a lot of other people do the same. The campus, however, will distract you from that.  Beautiful place.

But I’m thrilled to be back home.

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