Sour Cream

Our little bear is a fan of sour cream. To say the least. And she’s a sour cream thief these days. To the point where we have to order her a separate ramekin so she can properly dip her finger in it at will. We entice her chicken bites by dipping them in sour cream. A little protein with her dairy.

And then there’s salsa. She’s not a fan. But that doesn’t mean she’s not helpful.

This tragedy of a spill was when Mom and her friend Jess (not a typo; the “other Jess”) were at a makeup thing and Dad was on little bear duty.

We traversed Northpark mall for a few hours, hitting the Disney Store twice. And then it was grumpy bear lunchtime. So we made it to Tupinamba’s as quickly as possible. Between the salsa spill and the queso-covered hands on the booth’s back, I’d say Dad did a bang-up job.

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