Uncle Regan’s Birthday Trip


The lake.

The Fleeg works for rich people.

Rich people own lake houses.

Rich people own really nice lake houses.

So, in honor of the birthday of Uncle Regan, aka The Fleeg, we went out to his boss’s lake house on Eagle Mountain Lake.

It was an easy drive. Just an hour and some change from our home. And pulling up, I knew I was home. Or at least at my 2nd home.

And I guess Emmy and Jess thought it was great too.

Seemed like the perfect setting for a dual-family getaway. Cousin Charlie, Aunt Stacy, and Uncle Regan were shortly behind.

Once the party arrived, we all settled in.

By looking through every single cabinet, drawer and closet to see what treasures awaited us. Because that’s what good houseguests do.

To fast forward a bit, we did some boating.  Fleeg was Captain Yellow Hat.

We did some dining (where we pulled up to the dock in our fancy boat), we did some dock-destroying… wait? What?

Yeah, the Fleeg and I took the jet skis out. As evidenced by jet ski hair.

And as we were repositioning them on the last day, the dock didn’t fair so well when the bumper went sinking into the great beyond. Still not sure what that expense is going to look like.

Emmy was fascinated with the wake behind the boat “chasing us”. Between walking up and down the aisle or hull or whatever you call the walkway on the boat between mom and dad. That is until she fell asleep each time we went out. Apparently the open water is soothing.

Charlie just wanted Dad Captain Yellow Hat most of the time.

The weekend was a hit. Emmy and Charlie tried to share their toys and the plethora of additional toys around there. Jess got to try out her new lens, as you can see by the new quality of the pictures herein.

And dad got to be a lake dad. With the most rad kid you’ve ever met.

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