The Library

Emmy’s first trip to the library is in the books. Get it? And what did she do? Read all the books?  Observe the quiet areas?

No. She played on the computer the whole time. Millennials. Or whatever her generation is going to be called.

I had to return the 3 books I checked out from the central library downtown, and, lucky for me, library books may be returned to any of the Dallas library system. We live about a 4 minute walk from the Lakewood library.

I pondered about the job it must be to return books to their rightful places. What such a job would pay and how easy it actually must be. And I think that sounds better than “banker”.

Anyhow, all of these books lately have really inspired me. Wrote my 29 page paper for SWGSB and turned it in on Friday, the last day I could. So I want nothing to do with economics for about another 99 years, I think.

There was a flood of memories brought on by all these pages filled with words. The fondest of them was reminiscing back to my introduction to ethics class in college. I remember the professor discussing with me that I should change my major from business to philosophy. Looking back, I am reminded of the lessons I learned there. Did he push me to change my major for my own interests or to save his department? It was quite the moral dilemma. And did my recognition of his intentions mean that I actually should have changed it? I do love some Plato, Socrates, Kant and the like. How amazing would it have been to just sit and think as your job? No one today is called philosopher that isn’t in academics. And certainly no one is paid for it.

We have 3 new books from the library. I’m loving that we can walk up there and borrower books to bring home and read. Emmy hasn’t been able to truly appreciate it yet, but my hope is to turn her into a bookworm.

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